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Who we are:

Since 1999, LinkProfits has represented a number of quality merchants who offer performance-based advertising opportunities to affiliate marketers. As an Outsource Program Management "OPM" solution, we're responsible for our client's affiliate programs. This affords us the opportunity to develop productive business development partnerships with a select group of Affiliates/Publishers who have joined the LinkProfits.net Business Development Network. 

If you're an ecommerce merchant and are interested in our Affiliate Program Management services, then please visit LinkProfits.com.

What we offer:

We offer Publishers the opportunity to participate in lucrative advertising campaigns that are exclusive to our members. Our clients have empowered us to extend exclusive offers to appropriate partners. The higher commissions available through these performance-based advertising opportunities are only open to a select few on a case-by-case basis. These offers are not promoted publicly, that is why there is no "Program or Campaign Directory" on this site.

How we operate:

We invite a small number of properly targeted network members to participate in each campaign we manage. We'd rather focus on few dozen lucrative partnerships, instead of thousands of unproductive affiliate relationships.

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We welcome you to apply for a LinkProfits.net membership. There's absolutely no cost to you and no obligation for you to participate.

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The LinkProfits.net Business Development Network is an advertising network providing lucrative opportunities to affiliate marketers/publishers. We review all applicants to the Network in order to ensure new members satisfy our acceptance criteria. We encourage you to submit your application if you feel you meet these guidelines.




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