Top 3 Link Building Strategies for SEO

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Top 3 Link Building Strategies for SEO

August 29, 2017 Uncategorized 0

If you truly want to make your content search engine optimized, link building is necessary. Without link building you are not going to be rated nearly as high as you have the potential to be. This should go without saying but link building is easily the most important skill you must master when it comes to SEO.

Link building is a multifaceted skill in which you have to think critically about content, sales, marketing, and even psychology. Thinking about all of these things will allow you to gain more traffic.

Google has even come out and listed linking as one of the three most important factors in rankings.

Here are a couple strategies you should use to build some seriously quality links:

1. Build high-quality links

So how do you build high-quality links? Well, you need to gauge the authority of the page. If your link is to a source with high authority, your site will gain authority.

You can check approximately how high/well a page ranks by using Ahrefs. If you enter a URL into Ahrefs it will let you know an approximate page ranking.

The quality of the link is determined by both the quality of the page and the quality of the site. So, you should be banking on links from higher quality news sources rather than no name bloggers.

2. Link in text

It actually matters where your link is placed on a page! For instance, if your link is embedded in text then your link is going to count infinitely more. If your link is in a header or footer it’s not going to matter nearly as much.

You want to continue gaining authority. And in order to gain authority you are going to need to link in text so that Google sees that you are an authority in whatever niche you are trying to fill. If you are just stuck down in the bottom as an advertisement of sort, they aren’t going to count it as a big win for you.

3. Content marketing

Content is the key for some great backlinks. However, you can’t just publish bullshit online and expect your ratings to skyrocket. There are certain kinds of content that work the better for link building.

Visual assets are any kind of visual-oriented piece of content (including but not limited to images and diagrams). Visual assets are easy as pie to link to! Anytime someone shares your image you will get a link.

Because people have a) low attention spans and b) because it’s as easy as a click of a mouse to share an image you can expect to gain a lot of link-age from this strategy.

List posts work in a very similar way. Lists condense information into an easily consumable package – similarly to how diagrams work – and are actually outperforming videos and quizzes in generating back links. They are easily shared and can pick up a lot of momentum as they are easily consumed and then shared.

Keep these things in mind when trying to generate backlinks and find yourself sky rocketing to the first page on Google in no time!

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