5 Ways to Drive Tons of Clicks to Your Affiliate Links

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5 Ways to Drive Tons of Clicks to Your Affiliate Links

June 4, 2019 Uncategorized 0

If you have a blog of any kind, whether it be a personal blog or a blog section on your business’ website, one of the easiest and profitable ways for you to earn money is to implement affiliate links in your website. Affiliate links are the best way to make passive income on your site, and with every click, you will generate revenue from each sale your merchant affiliate receives from someone you linked to their website from yours. 

Currently, affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue, is a $12 billion industry, accounts for 16% of all e-commerce orders in the U.S. and Canada. Affiliate marketing is also projected to grow 10% annually until 2021, making this an industry you should take advantage of. Your website’s content is important because it not only drives traffic to your site but because you can also make money through good uses of affiliate links within your content. If you want to drive more clicks to your affiliate links and make more money, here are a few easy tips to try to change up how you use affiliate links.

Add links to your navigation menus

Getting sneaky with your link placement may seem dishonest, but it’s the best way to generate more clicks. Placing links in your navigation menus is a great way to get more clicks on your affiliate links because people will often confuse them with your site’s regular links, and also because it’s within great view and people may be more interested in clicking. Adding these links, especially in your header navigation, will work wonders, especially since there is no landing page and visitors will be directed straight to the merchant.

Click-incentive text on links

The most crucial method for getting people to click on your links is to write good text that makes them want to click the link. Writing text on your links for merchants with the words “Up to 50% off,” for example, or “Find the lowest prices here,” would make someone more likely to click the link While some merchants will forbid you from doing it (such as Amazon), others are more relaxed in their policies.

Create mystery

Similar to the previous tip, you want to make people click your affiliate link by creating a “want to know more” incentive that provokes them to click the link. If you’re writing about a product, it’s better not to reveal everything about it and place a link instead that says something along the lines of “Learn more here,” linking to the merchant. This technique creates a sense of mystery and longing for more information that the reader will get once they click the link and will be taken to the official product page where they can find out more.

Send readers to information content on merchant’s site

If you can, another way to generate more clicks is not to sell a product to readers, but to offer information. By sending your readers to informational content on your affiliate’s website, it’s another way to trigger cookies and send traffic to the merchant, potentially earning you more commission as more and more e-commerce sites have blogs, galleries, and tips for you to send readers to.

Link images to affiliate links

People love clicking on images, and when you place your affiliate links on them, it’s a sure-fire way to get more clicks and thus, earn more money. Just be careful not to do it too much and limit how many affiliate links you place on every page.