Approval Guidelines for Applicants

We encourage all interested Internet Publishers/Marketers to apply for membership in the Business Development Network. However, before you are accepted into our private network, we need to approve you.

Here are some general guidelines we use when we consider each applicant:

  1. The applicant has provided complete and accurate information on the application.
  2. The applicant's website(s) are fully functional and demonstrate the ability to provide valuable, compelling, and useful content for their site visitors.
  3. The applicant has adequate site traffic levels or owns a sizable opt-in subscriber email list.
  4. The applicant's site(s) does not contain content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive.
  5. The applicant is not considered a risk to violate our client's strict no spamming policies and there is no reason to expect fraud potential. We take both of these issues very seriously and have a zero tolerance policy.

These are only general guidelines. We reserve the right to make exceptions at any time, for any reason. We invite you, as well as all of our site visitors, to review our Privacy Policy.

If you are not accepted into our Network, you are welcome to re-apply in 30 days. If you believe you have been inappropriately declined membership, you're encouraged to contact us and explain why you think your site(s) fully comply with the above guidelines.

Please note: If at any time you fail to meet the above guidelines or the terms of our client's Affiliate Program Agreements we may remove you from this Network or from participating in our client's programs. You will also have the ability to remove yourself from our Network at any time, should you desire.