5 Things To Never Do When Taking A Selfie

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1. Driving:

Please don’t try to take a cute selfie when you’re full speed driving. Not only is it dangerous but unnecessary, even if you’re slightly stopped for a second due to a red light. Chances are it’s going to turn green in the middle of your fast pacing selfie shoot, and cars will start honking just leading to disaster.

There is a reason that snap chat senses when you’re moving at a fast paced, warning you that it’s probably not the smartest idea to be snapping pics when you should be focusing on the road. Also, selfies are supposed to be taken seriously, not rushed to the point of an overwhelming sensation to get the perfect picture in a matter of two seconds you have between lights changing.

2. Weird Angle:

Please don’t take selfies where your follower has to turn their head or completely flip their phone upside down to see the picture. It’s not mysterious or sexy to take a picture where your head looks mangled and disfigured just because you want to make a statement with a perfect caption, “ look at things from a different perspective.” How about you take the picture right side up, maybe with a tilt if it’s more flattering but nothing more of an entire head rotation, please.

3. Duck Face:

Even though I will advise that duck faces aren’t cute nor attractive in the slightest, that won’t stop the majority of people scrunching up their lips in an attempt to come off scandalous. This pose deforms your face entirely, and I’m sure your potential flings would much rather see you smiling or a standard version of your face even if that entails a slight smirk. I understand that everyone has their signature go to selfie face but please refrain from making it a duck face one because that is a trend that died a couple of duck hunting seasons ago.

4. Awkward BackGrounds:

Sometimes you can capture really inappropriate or weird backgrounds when taking a selfie that you might not even notice at first. You’re too busy editing and filtering the shit out of it that you’ve failed to realize the thongs, bras, and bongs laying all over your messy room. Not the most attractive background to be displayed when you’re trying to woo everyone with your seductive selfie taking skills.

5. Weird Reflections:

Whether you’re a passenger in the car and want to try and zoom in on the side mirror or a flat out bathroom mirror selfie, chances are there will be something weird or distorted within that reflection. Even the other small mirrors or makeup ones that many girls have to zoom in on their face can show up in the selfies, creating a funnier image than you probably want.

Make sure you’re getting likes for your beauty and originality not because people are making fun of your lack of understanding that they are laughing at you.

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